Friday, January 9, 2009

Custom Embroidered Burp Cloths

1 for $12, 2 for $22, or 3 for $30

3 Choices:
Fabric with Initial, Monogram, or Name
Ribbon with Initial, Monogram, or Name
Applique with Initial, Monogram, or Name

Ribbon or ric rac can be added to the bottom of any at no extra charge.

I have numerous fabrics, appliques, ribbons, and colors to choose from. Just let me know what you are looking for.

Here are some samples:

Click on picture to view album of burp cloths individually or look at slide show below:

Girl Burp Cloths:

Boy Burp Cloths:

Unisex Burp Cloths:

Unisex Burp Cloths


  1. The blog looks great. I'll add you as an advertisement on my blog and you could do the same on yours so we could help each other get business. Good luck I know you will do great your stuff looks great.

  2. Burp cloths don't remain clean for long, especially if a child spits up food or system when belching. Burp cloths are personal baby items that will be a memorable part of the baby's development stages. Take the time to make an stitched burp fabric personalized for your child. An custom embroidered burp cloth adds a decorative touch to an ordinary burp cloth and can be designed in a color scheme matching the baby's nursery.Custom Embroidery